Camersof - A state-of-the-art automatic surveillance solution for offices, schools and homes. It can detect unusual movements, breaking of traffic rules, halting or parking vehicles in unauthorised areas, etc., to make it easier for authorities

  • Track people activity in real time for intruder detection, access control, traffic management and other use-cases
  • Tag known persons and flag unknown persons
  • Weapon Detection
  • Emotions Analysis
  • Car Parking Management
  • Food & Medicine Packing
  • Predictive Maintenance System
  • Waste Product Sorting
  • Quality Control in the Automotive Industry
  • Set customized Email and SMS alerts
  • Seamlessly works on both IP Cameras and video files
  • This product has value added features and can be easily enable for smart building and smart city feature
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Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Live Video Recognition

Live Video Recognition

Face Detection

Face Detection

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  • Face Recognition
  • Live Video Recognition
  • Face Detection
  • IP Cameras Support
  • 70 Facial Features
  • Web Cameras Support
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Face Recognition

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